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Become a Monthly Sponsor


a meal to nurture a worrisome parent

Your monthly donation of $10 will go towards purchasing food gift cards that we distribute to families every month. The food voucher cards are for the hospital cafeterias as well as restaurants that are near the hospitals so families can conveniently nourish themselves.

"You have no idea how much your food voucher cards helped while we were in the hospital. Thank you for making meal times less stressful. We love your foundation!"

-- Recipient of Team Norah Food Vouchers


a warm place to sleep between exhausting hospital visits

Your monthly donation of $25 will Sponsor one night at the Ronald McDonald house. The Ronald McDonald house provides  affordable shelter for families who have a child in the hospital and The Norah Foundation often sponsors those stays for families. 


“Thank you so much for all your help with our housing. Even the $25 a night starts to add up for my single income family. It became too stressful for us but then you called. Thank you for all you do to help families like mine.”


- Recipient of a housing sponsorship


a special care kit

filled with all of the hospital essentials

Your monthly donation of $50 a month, will sponsor a family's Norah Care Package. We deliver these Care Kits to families who have to travel from out of town to the hospital. They include: waters, snacks, small toiletries and gift cards for food or gas.


"Thank you so much for your support through the foundation! That care package of all the little things that I would've had to leave my baby for was so perfect. I can't describe how helpful it is to not have to worry about the little things. We appreciate your kindness and support."


-- Recipient of a Norah Care Kit 


a NICU camera that allows baby & family to always be together

Your monthly donation of $100 will allow a family to access their baby via a secure NICU camera connection sponsored by The Norah Foundation. That means whenever the baby's family, can't be at bedside with the baby they can still see how their baby is doing via the NICU camera. An incredible break through in patient care!

"It has been such a blessing to have access to our baby even when we can't be at the hospital. There is so much comfort in being able to see what the nurses describe over the phone. Thank you for making this technology available for families like mine."


- Recipient of a bedside NICU camera 

Individual Giving

All our good work is made possible by the generous donations of wonderful people like you. We promise to use every penny to continue to support our vision of spreading love and restoring hope for families who have a child facing a health related challenge.

Thank you for your kind support!

Pay with Credit Card or Pay Pal Accounts Here:

Pay with Check or Cash by Mail:

PO Box 489 Penn Valley, California 95946

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