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Major Initiaives


Spreading love has always been at the core of what The Norah Foundation is about.  We love to show those in need that there are people out there that care.  

  • Sutter Sacramento - NICU Library Project

  • Sutter Sacramento - Summer Art Program 

  • Sutter Sacramento - NICU Camera Project

  • Sutter Sacramento - Waiting Room Enhancement Project

  • Sutter Sacramento - NICU Food Voucher Program

  • UC Davis - NICU Food Voucher Program 

  • Dignity Health (Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital) - NICU Resource Bags

  • Loving Tabs Healing Shirts

Team Norah at Work



Use our hashtags to join the movement. We love to see all of the goodness you share with the world!

Our Goals

Our Mission


Hotel Vouchers


Ronald McDonald House Sponsorship


Food Vouchers


Gas Cards


Family Outings


Hospital Care Packages


New Car Seats


Someone to talk to


Celebrations of Life


One of the most amazing things about Team Norah’s grass roots movement was that it encouraged all people from all backgrounds to step up and spread love in ways that brought them fulfillment. There were no restrictions. The Norah Foundation wants to build on that. While we have both short term and long term goals we are working towards, we also know we are on a journey and we will keep our minds and hearts open to each individual and organization we meet along the way, always looking for ways to help, partner, and spread love.

Some of our short term goals include: Creating resource information packets and resource bags for out of town families who have a child in the NICU, providing families of the NICU with hotel vouchers, gas cards and basic amenities. We would like to sponsor children’s funerals to help families get the closure they need.  We also think it’s important to keep families smiling even during times of hardship, so we’d love to send children to camps or perhaps a family day at the zoo.  


Norah Cams: One of the things Candace and Rich really wish they had when Norah was in the hospital was a video monitor so they could see their daughter even when they were away from the hospital. We hope we can install a monitoring system in the NICU at Sutter, Sacramento, and eventually in other NICU units as well. 


When we get to dreaming big, we often think about opening a Norah House. The Norah House would be a comfortable, furnished home with a central kitchen and several bedrooms where families can find rest and peace. These would be near the hospital when their child is in the NICU or PICU. The house would include access to healthy, convenient meals and trust worthy, loving child care resources. 


As you can see, we have a range of goals. We believe there are countless ways to spread love and support families at such a pivotal and vulnerable time.  We want to hear from you! What unique opportunities do you see that will allow us to step up and help someone in need? Please send us an email or visit us on Facebook to share your ideas.

Our mission is short and sweet: The Norah Foundation will focus on Spreading Love and Restoring Hope in the lives of children and families facing health related hardships.

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Go Spread Some Love

Our story has been featured on radio, TV, and newspapers.  Watch and read about us in the media!

"Thank you so much!  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  May God continue to bless the Norah Foundation and families in need."

"Thank you Team Norah for the generous donation to be used for our meal voucher program.  Your kindness and continued support is greatly appreciated and will help parents by filling their bellies and their hearts."

"I am so grateful for your generous support.  We appreciate the Norah Foundation!  I hope to give back with Team Norah in the near future."

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