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A Shirt for a Shirt

This summer’s special Shirt For A Shirt Campaign benefits children facing life threatening illnesses.  For every “Spread Love” shirt you purchase, the Norah Foundation will sponsor a special Loving Tabs shirt for a child undergoing critical treatments.


Loving Tabs are specially designed shirts that enable medical providers to administer chemotherapy and other medications into the permanent chest “cath port” through an open-close shoulder panel, without having to lift or remove the patient’s garment. This simple, yet innovative solution increases patient comfort, sense of normalcy and has proven to support a faster, easier treatment process.


“Children fighting for their lives, should not have to fight for their dignity”


Please join us in Spreading Love to these brave children by purchasing a shirt for you, then we will gift a shirt for them too.


Don’t Wait! Limited Supply Available.

For questions please contact us at

To read more about the Loving Tabs Shirts, visit their website:

TEAM NORAH - Spread Love Shirts

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