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connecting NICU families to their precious babies

Always Together is a Norah Foundation project committed to bringing the first NICU cameras to Northern California.


In partnership with AngelEye and Sutter Sacramento, Team Norah is on a mission to raise enough funds to install a secure camera on each bed in the NICU. That would guarantee each and every family who has a baby in their NICU could always be together with their child, even when life requires them to be a part. With a couple clicks, a parent could see their baby at the hospital, could feel that instant love and connection every parent deserves to feel, and make better sense of the care updates provided by the medical teams.

You can join us in funding project, Always Together by making individual donations and placing the project name "Always Together" in the comments section. Please stay tuned for corporate sponsorship opportunities in the coming months as well. 


Together, we will make sure the families of the NICU can always be together with their babies until the day they can really bring them home.

For questions please contact us at

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Learn More about AngelEye's NICU Camera System and hear first hand testimonials about the value they bring to patient care.


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