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Our Story

In November 2015, Norah Marie Wilson was delivered into the arms of her parents. After being transported twice, visiting three different hospitals, undergoing a surgery to repair a hole in her stomach, receiving a plethora of blood products, and perplexing the minds of her talented medical team, Norah Marie Wilson went to Heaven in the arms of her mom and dad, while immediate family surrounded them. Although her life here on Earth was short, it was meaningful. Because Norah lived there is more love in the world than there ever would have been without her. In her short time, Norah created a movement amongst family, friends, and compassionate strangers. We called that group of people Team Norah.  She united Team Norah in faith, love, and hope and reminded us of all the goodness of humanity. In order to carry on Norah’s spirit and maintain all the love that flooded our lives since her birth, Team Norah responded by performing acts of love and kindness.  Members donated blood, adopted families at Christmas, created blessing bags for the homeless and looked for unique ways to lift up those in need. That movement of love is what inspired Norah’s family to establish The Norah Foundation. We believe Norah came to them for a reason and part of that reason is to recognize the beauty in people, the innate desire to love each other, and the joy of taking care of one another. By establishing a legal foundation, we hope to harness those compassionate desires and channel them towards a meaningful cause. In doing so, we believe we are passing a torch on to every heart we touch and further building the movement that our precious Norah inspired.

The Founders

With the generous help of a tight knit circle of friends and family, Rich and Candace Wilson proudly established the Norah Foundation. They believe there is no better way to remember their daughter than to see the beauty in every act of love Team Norah orchestrates.


Rich and Candace were both raised in Grass Valley, California, and are grateful to be raising their two sons in Nevada County as well. In their professional lives Richard is a firefighter and Candace works in agriculture helping farmers bring new fruits and vegetables to the marketplace. Together, as a family they enjoy spending time in nature hiking, exploring the local lakes and rivers and witnessing the amazing sunrises and sunsets over the Ponderosa Pines.


They strive to live life based on one simple principle: never take more than you give.

About Team Norah

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