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Photo taken when Candace was pregnant with Norah

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A Vision of Hope

What if every family experiencing the heartbreak of seeing their child fight for life in the hospital had every resource available to them? They could dedicate their full attention to helping their child heal and nurturing themselves to stay strong in the journey. This is the vision that inspires us to do our work at the Norah Foundation.  Having experienced firsthand the emotional rollercoaster of the NICU when our newborn daughter, Norah, became ill, we wanted to help other families navigate the journey with all possible ease. In fact, we think it is our duty-- and Norah's legacy-- to do whatever we can to be a source of love and hope for families who find themselves in the midst of this struggle. 


We look forward to growing this foundation, expanding Team Norah's footprint and supporting as many strong, hopeful families as we can.


Thank you for supporting our vision!


Rich, Candace and Richard Dean

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